First Day on the Range!

Today the GREECE team made the trip out to Poker Flat Research Range for day 1 of the campaign. After signing in (and remembering to plug in the car!) we got to work unpacking our instrument and running preliminary tests.

Payload Assembly Building at PFRR

For the first two weeks the team will mostly be working in the Payload Assembly Building, where we will do most of the electrical checks and put together the various sections of the rocket.

bench test of the Fields instrument

The Fields instrument, set up for initial testing in the Payload Assembly Building

For our initial test, we turn the instrument on before it gets installed in the rocket and check that the data from all the sensors looks good. In the picture above, the back left are our Langmuir Probe and magnetometer. These measure currents and magnetic fields, respectively. On the right are the quad stacers. They aren’t fully assembled in this picture, but for the launch there will be four metal spheres which measure voltages. Front and center is the electronics box, which collects data from all the sensors, performs some signal processing, and then sends the data to the telemetry section of the rocket to be transmitted back to us on the ground. All systems were nominal – the Fields instrument had survived the plane ride intact.

rocket paylaod section

the empty payload section of the rocket, where the instruments will go

Robert Michell working on the instruments

Robert Michell, GREECE co-Investigator, works on the payload section after the instruments have been installed











With the initial bench testing complete and successful, the team finished the day by installing the instruments in the payload section of the rocket. A good end to a busy first day!

installing the stacer booms

(L-R) Nathan Carruth, Clay Merscham, and Jeremy McCauley install the Fields quad stacer booms.

Haiku of the day:
First day on the range
Some preliminary tests
Nominal data

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