Where’s The Action?

With the start of the launch window on Friday, 25 Jan 2014, most of the new content on our site has been poured into the NIGHTLY UPDATE page, with some significant additions each night to the Haikus, etc. page as well.

Be sure to check those pages, as well as here on the blog for our activities here in Alaska.

Where’s the action has another meaning for us up here as well.

The magnetosphere has been quiet for the past few days and the solar wind flows and magnetic fields have done little or nothing to wake it up and bring the aurora down from the north, strengthen it, and provide the conditions for an optimal GREECE flight.

While the quiet of the magnetosphere has provided ample time for reflection and discussion of the solar wind’s behavior, what it might do in the next few days, and how that could couple into the magnetosphere, we’d far prefer to see it happen, and happen soon…

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2 Responses to Where’s The Action?

  1. Emmanuel says:

    Hi John!

    The page looks great, nice design improvements. Been checking the updates daily, dying with suspense! I hope you get some negative Bz soon!! Here are two poems I sent to Marilia & Robert. 😉

    cold engine waiting
    to ignite smoldering sky
    no green light; red eyes

    rocket foiled again
    damn solar wind blow harder
    so my friends can sleep


  2. John Bonnell says:

    thanks for the kind thoughts and words; I’ve posted your contributions on the Haikus, etc. page with the rest of the team’s efforts!